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Announcing Circles

Circles: A Journal of Philosophy wants the circles within which philosophers operate to overlap, converge, deform, and reform. Circles is a free, open access, peer reviewed journal. We encourage submissions from all traditions, approaches, sub-disciplines, and methods. We also encourage new forms of philosophical publication: articles, dialogues, aphorisms, and interviews, and we are committed to translating works written in languages that are currently under-represented in academic philosophy in the U.S.

See this page for more information about submissions and serving as a reviewer for submissions.

Editorial Board includes:

Richard A. Lee, Jr., Co-Editor
John Lysaker, Co-Editor

Bret Davis
Eddie Glaude
Rebecca Kukla
Serene Khader
Paul Livingston
Eduardo Mendieta
Karmen McKendrick
Elaine Miller
Shannon Winubst
Zhang Shuangli