Circles: A Journal of Philosophy wants the circles within which philosophers operate to overlap, converge, deform, and reform. Circles is a free, open access, peer reviewed journal. We encourage submissions from all traditions, approaches, sub-disciplines, and methods. We also encourage new forms of philosophical publication: articles, dialogues, aphorisms, and interviews, and we are committed to translating works written in languages that are currently under-represented in academic philosophy in the U.S.

Announcing Inaugural Issue


The Co-Editors are proud to announce the launch of a new journal, with our Inaugural Is-
sue coming in March of 2020. We will publish two issues per year (March and October). We
are launching this publication to encourage new forms of scholarship that might deepen and
expand disciplinary conventions of presentation. This is not to say that we only seek stylis-
tically adventurous material. The second reason we decided to establish a new venue is to
encourage, promote, and nurture philosophical work of the highest quality regardless of its
“school,” tradition, or field. And we very much want to make more available texts written in
languages not often represented in North American journals. Most generally, then, we hope
Circles will encourage non-sectarian thought that aspires to be incisive and where necessary,
formally inventive.

Announcing our Inaugural Issue

Published: 2019-07-05


Richard A. Lee, Jr.; John
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